About Us

CreatU is an innovative platform that drives the vision of global design and local manufacturing and is committed to developing a global leading ecosystem to benefit industrial designers, manufacturers, and customers and to provide one-stop solutions for furnishing personalization and customization.


Key to Success

CreatU platform builds the perfect supply chain that connects a rich design database to professional local furniture makers that will fulfil the orders and ship the furniture to the end-users. Artificial Intelligence Technology maximizes the efficiency in communication, decreasing this way the total cost and increasing the margins, making the custom furniture affordable.

Individual Designers

CreatU Platform benefits the Independent Designers who are looking to promote their designs but don’t have enough resources to manufacture…

Local Manufacturers

CreatU Platform benefits Local Manufacturers who need new design ideas, that will serve the new trend of mass customization, and…

End Customers

CreatU benefits the end customers who have a high demand for furniture customization in condo space want to live in…

Our Partners