CreatU Ecosystem benefits:

Independent Designer who is looking to promote his design, but doesn’t have enough resources to manufacture the product.

Local Manufacturer who needs new design ideas that will serve the new trend of mass customization and wants to take advantage of the increased demand for e-commerce in home furnishing.

End Customer who has a high demand for furniture customization in condo space, wants to live in style and require uniqueness in home furnishing, but cannot afford to hire interior designers for just condo furnishing


When customers choose the furniture and decide to buy it they pay:

  • The manufacturing cost as set by the local maker, including the material and the labour cost
  • The designer fee of the design that is used
  • Percentage fee to the CreatU platform
  • Local delivery service charge charged by the manufacturers
  • Charges for any additional services the customer chooses, such as premium design solution or on-site assembly
  • Local sales taxes (variable by customer and maker location)

CreatU Model

Designs are also available to download for non-commercial use and its up to the designers whether they want to charge for their designs or make them available for free.

Designers are free to set their price and then CreatU applies a platform fee as a percentage to the total design cost.